Gaudi (Australia)

I came to Jan for life coaching with a goal to push through personal barriers that I felt were holding back the growth of my business.

I received much more than I had bargained for. I began to re-discover myself, my passions and my gifting in art, writing and music. Especially as a mother I had so long neglected self-care and Jan helped me realise how important it was. I feel I have not been this strong and this emotionally healthy in a long time.

As a work at home mum, I have come to a place where my business has a healthy portion of my life and I am not controlled by the anxiety to get everything done. I am more present with my children, and my relationship with them has improved. I am more present and more open with my husband and our relationship has grown greatly.

Most of all, I am happy with who I am becoming, as I allow myself space and time to explore who I am and to create and be out of that place of being myself. I am really grateful to Jan for helping me change the direction of my life.

Misha (Scotland)

Do you want to be free? Free to be who you really are and laugh along the journey? Well, then work with Jan Goodall. She is a beautiful woman, and a fantastic coach who will support you to work out your truths and priorities in this strange but wonderful journey of life.I worked with her for 12 sessions, at a crucial stage of my life when I was trying to negotiate how to live authentically whilst honouring my responsibilities as a single parent, and her support made such a positive impact. She even helped me negotiate my way through my first relationship in 8 years (still going strong now 8 months on!) Jan is warm, gentle, funny and wise with a wealth of life experiences – these qualities enabled her to get to the heart of some of the issues I needed to work through to find my own personal freedom. It was a pleasure to work with her and I recommend her very highly.


Jean (Australia)

I wanted to get help to set some goals and develop an action plan to achieve my goals. Jan has a lovely warm caring nature and has a good knowledge of tools to use as a coach. The highlight would have to be developing the awareness about the way I saw myself and how this was limiting me. Jan was very supportive and encouraging.


Tamara (USA)

Jan’s compassion is evident in her coaching.  She creates a safe and non-judgemental space for her clients to explore.  She is an active listener and her powerful questions lead you on an exploratory  journey creating new awareness.  As an accountability partner she keeps you on track of your goals and moving toward action.  Jan you are an amazing coach!


Shonnie (Italy)

I loved planning my week with Jan and became very focused and productive.  I was especially productive the Mondays she coached me and that progress built the momentum I needed to be productive the entire week.  I looked forward to our sessions, even if it meant waking up at 5 a.m. on Monday mornings!  I had a ton of energy after our sessions which is more precious than gold to me.

Jan can make anyone feel at ease and accepted for who they are in that moment.  I never felt judged by her.  She kept me on track as far as what I wanted to accomplish during the sessions, but gave me all the freedom I wanted or needed as well.

Jan helped me plan my week and was great at helping me avoid any obstacles that may ruin my schedule.  She made me feel very at ease.  Most importantly, I knew I could talk to her about any facet of life and usually did.  She was always supportive and created a very safe space for me to explore my own thoughts and emotions.


Viya (Singapore)

Jan created a trusting and safe space for our coaching sessions.  She is an active listener with a strong coaching presence.  She also helped me to design the actions, hold the accountabilities and manage the progress of achieving my goals. Her coaching approach and good skills on listening were instrumental to making this journey successful.


Cindy (Australia)

Jan is fantastic at listening, giving me the opportunity for me to work things out, sound off, and allowing me time to come up with my own solutions, she is a great guide and gave me a feeling that I could be totally open and honest with her with absolutely no judgement.

Jan has got such a lovely manner, she instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease, I just naturally opened up to her, she is considerate, kind, patient and made me feel safe. She is empathetic and expresses that in a way that made me feel that she understands the pressure I must be feeling, that was a great comfort and really supported me along the way to developing the next steps of my career.

Jan really helped me to unpack what was going on and work out my priorities.


Rita (Australia)

Jan helped me realise that whilst some life issues do not go away I can still cope and manage and by using our discussed strategies. Our discussions also helped me realise that I can make changes.

Jan is very skilful at drawing out actual issues by first listening with empathy and then by asking searching questions.  She is extremely patient and I usually had solutions at the end of sessions. I found that the questions she would ask provided me with opportunities to work out solutions or changes that I needed and was able to make. It would also give me different perspective of looking at situations.


Anonymous (Dubai)

I always felt safe and supported through the whole journey. Always listened to and never felt insecure to speak from the heart. Jan drew on my thoughts and feelings and made me explore them without it seeming overwhelming.


Tracy (USA)

As a coach Jan is relaxed, focused, gentle, and totally there for her client.


Kathryn (Beijing)

Jan was truly present. She was not focused on giving her solutions but eliciting and gently challenging the coachee to uncover her own solutions. She believed in the coachee’s ability to find her solutions. There was no force. There was a natural unfolding and flow.


Anonymous (Australia)

Thank you Jan, you have been wonderful and I would recommend you to anyone.