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I wanted to be free from feelings of insecurity and feelings of imperfection. I knew that there had to be a sense of freedom somewhere, the freedom to simply be me. It wasn’t until I began to face the things that were keeping me bound that I found the courage to break free of my insecurities and fear and finally began to accept myself for who I truly am.



I moved a lot of things from my house in the city to the house we moved to in the country. The new house didn’t have as much cupboard space, but I squeezed and pushed those things away, into every nook and cranny I could find. And if they wouldn’t fit alongside each other, they went up in piles! Over time though, I realised that those things were taking up ‘real estate’ in my home, free rent, because they weren’t earning their keep. I never used them. So I learnt to declutter. And it’s been a wonderful journey of becoming free. Because when we have anything around us that we don’t need, that’s taking up space in our homes or even in us, it bogs us down and we feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward.



My very first daily routine schedule was one I created before I had read any books on organisation, seen any websites, heard of any organisational or time-management experts like Stephen Covey or FlyLady. I made it up myself, typed it up and laminated it, and then after using it faithfully for years, lost it! The daily routines I follow today keep me, my family, and my home organised and clutter free. Daily routines that I have adapted from so many sources over the years that it’s hard to recall where I got which ones from!



Simply OrganisedMy ‘Simply Organised Life Planner’ Free Printable Downloads

I used to sell this Simply Organised Life Planner as a part of a 6 week teleseminar I ran, but I am now giving it away for free in the hope it will help people get free of the clutter that clogs up their lives, by following a simple daily routine to bit by bit get free of the clutter, and to learn and incorporate simple strategies to live an organised and simplified life.

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