About Jan

_MG_3081I love being organised and completely clutter free! It is not easy, but I am committed to live a simple life, uncomplicated by ‘things’. However, I’m not a minimalist, I like comfort, and I find minimalism a bit spare for my taste. But I do like order and I believe everything should have a place.

I also love freedom, the freedom to be me, to live simply, to enjoy the moment. Clutter, all types of clutter, gets in the way of that. I use the term ‘Life Clutter‘ because I believe that not only physical things are my clutter, but my too-busy schedule is clutter, what fills my mind so I can’t fall asleep is clutter, my unhealthy reactions to situations is clutter, my extra kilo’s is clutter. And I want to be clutter-free, and have a clutter free life, so I can live the simple life I long for. This blog is my journey into simplicity. Why don’t you join me?

Hi! My name is Janette (Jan), I am a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach (LBC), and a member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance (www.biblicalcoachingalliance.com). I am a wife, a mum, and a nanna to two. I love being organised and I dislike chaos. I have been coaching since 2012, and have seen lives changed. I love freedom and simplicity and believe one complements the other, that they go hand in hand. And they are both at odds with all types of life clutter.

I hope you enjoy this website, I have added some freebies for you to use and enjoy.

Janette Goodall, CPC, LBC