Being Organised

Clutter free AND organised?

I’ve been thinking recently about being clutter free and organised. I know what it is to be clutter free, and I am, and I love being organised, but I’m not sure I do the ‘being organised’ thing as well as I could.

My house looks organised but is it? Do I still have trouble finding things? YES! Do I often lose or misplace my reading glasses? YES! If my husband asks me to find something, can I? Well usually, but I may need to think about it for a few minutes. That to me is not being as organised as I would like. I used to know where everything was and could find it easily. But why not now? Do I still have too much ‘stuff’? Probably. But its not entirely that.

I think being organised is not as simple as it could be for me. I am thinking right now of my utility cupboard… and it is not organised. It may look neat enough, but there’s a couple of boxes in there that are crammed with… well I don’t know what’s in them! Possibly something I’ve been looking for.

Being organised is not only at home, but it’s how I spend my time, how I structure my time, my finances, my appointments, my to do list… just like what I call ‘life clutter’ I’m now calling what I’m sharing about, ‘life organised’.

So now I am on a journey of learning to be truly organised. To be ‘life organised’, to live a clutter free AND organised LIFE!

What will that look like? Well, I’m not sure yet. I have started going through my cupboards again. Not to declutter them, because I don’t need to do that, but to organise them. To put them in order!! I need to do that with my schedule too. And probably in  other areas of my life too.

A good system shortens the road to the goal. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

That’s what I need…. a SYSTEM! (Watch this space!)

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