Being Free, Change

Coaching to change

People come to coaching because they are looking for change. But change doesn’t happen over night. Habits take time to form, and conversely take time to break. The definition of change according to Wikipedia (2012) is “the process of becoming different”. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2012) says its “to replace with another, to make a shift from one to another”, and the Free Dictionary (2012) says it is “to give a completely different form or appearance to, to lay aside, abandon, or leave for another”. That’s what happens with change, habits or behaviours are replaced with others that support the change we are wanting to make. Change is not easy, and it takes time. This paper will look at change as it relates to life coaching and the coaching relationship.

The question being asked which this paper will attempt to answer is how important is the relationship between coach and coachee in facilitating change in the coachee’s life?

According to the authors of Co-Active Coaching (Kimsey-House et al. 2011), coaching is not so much a methodology as it is a relationship – a particular kind of relationship. “Coaching is inherently dynamic; that is one of the fundamental qualities of coaching and a reason for its power as a medium for change. Coaching is personal; coaching creates a unique, empowered relationship for change.” (Kimsey-House et al. 2011). The coach and client are working in alignment with each other. This makes this type of relationship powerful. Trust is an integral part of a coaching relationship. It is built over time as client and coach learn that each can be counted on and the client learns that this unique relationship works and brings results. In this relationship clients see that there is someone in their lives they can count on, who believes in them.

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