Choices, Purpose

What is your life purpose?

Last week we looked at what your values are, and now you know your values, the next step is to work out what your purpose is.

In other words, why are you here? And what are you meant to be doing?

Knowing your purpose is what gives you direction for your life. Imagine going on a touring holiday. You leave home, and you have a bit of a plan where you want to go, but you haven’t checked a road map at all. How are you going to get to where you are going?  You turn left or right, go down several pathways to find they lead to nowhere. You do a U-turn, and do it all over again.. and again. Then give up.

Now imagine  knowing exactly the direction you are heading in, you may at times feel a little unsure if this is the right pathway but you check in with where you’re headed, i.e. your purpose, and you are back on track again. Your purpose is like your GPS. It keeps you going in the right direction.

When you know WHAT you’re doing and WHY, it’s easier to keep going when times are tough or when you encounter opposition or criticism. When you know your life purpose, even if things aren’t going as well as you’d like, you’re still motivated and still look forward to doing it.

Knowing your life purpose frees you from needing to compare yourself with other people who have a different focus and purpose for their life. It also gives you a sense of direction. It helps you line your life up with your true values and make better decisions.

And when you reach a fork in the road you can confidently choose the path that’s leading in the right direction. In fact it will be easier to make decisions because when you know your purpose and you have a clear destination, you know whether or not it’s the right thing to do.

Knowing what you were put on earth to do gives you the confidence and courage to more easily say ‘no’ to things that will take you off course or off purpose.

Once you have found your purpose, you will know it, because it will feel right. It will resonate with what’s inside you. In a way, it will be as if you have always known it. Your purpose is like the heart of who you are and the passion in your life. It’s why you get up in the morning. It’s what makes you cry.

Making your life purpose happen is the next step. It involves every decision you make!

Every decision you make is the life you will live.

We make hundreds of decisions every day, most we are not even aware of. We decide to clean our teeth. We decide to apply the brakes when driving our car. We decide to lock the house when we leave. They are automatic decisions that we just do. We don’t really think about doing them. But there are other decisions we make every day, that do require us to choose. Some are big decisions, some are small. These decisions will either take us toward our purpose, or away from it. That’s why knowing our purpose is so important. If we make decisions that take us toward our purpose, we will get there faster than if we make decisions that pull us away from it. Our purpose is our reason for living, and it must determine which choice we will make.

Proverbs 29:18, “Without vision the people cast off restraint.” Meaning, without vision, i.e. purpose, the people give up!

Life Purpose Exercise

Take a minute to answer the following questions :

  1. What are your natural gifts? What have others said you are really good at doing?
  2. When have you felt you were doing what you loved? What do you find is fulfilling?
  3. What do you find yourself drawn to? Where do you want to make a difference? (People, activities, things).
  4. What kind of life experiences have significantly shaped who you are?
  5. Ask a friend to give you insight on what they see is fulfilling for you.
  6. Take note of any trends you might see. These are clues to your purpose.
  7. What makes you cry?

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