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Discovering what you value

Knowing what is important to you, what you value, what is of worth to you, and what you won’t compromise on, is important for every aspect of your life, every decision you make, every goal you set, every change you want to make.

Aristotle believed there were a set of core values that should manifest themselves in the behaviour of all human beings. These were courage, honesty, friendliness, wittiness, rationality in judgment, mutually beneficial friendships and the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

We all operate from a set of values whether we are aware of what they are or not. They are there. And they affect everything we do. They affect how we react to people and circumstances. Some of our values are chosen. Some have been taught us or imparted to us from our parents, our teachers, our friends, and we may not even be aware of them. They are an intrinsic part of us.

For instance, one of my strong values is loyalty. I don’t remember choosing it, I think I’ve always had it. I am loyal to my friends, my colleagues, my family. I will defend them. I will not take part in gossip about them. I will back them. Another strong value of mine is peace. I am a peacemaker, and I love harmony and harmonious relationships. I am not good at confrontation so I avoid it. And I cannot tolerate disharmony or conflict. I bring people together.

Another one is acceptance coupled with love. I accept people for where they are, that doesn’t mean I agree or condone behaviours that don’t align with my values, it means I accept the person. I love the person, because God does. This value came from my experience of a lack of acceptance and love, and because of that lack in my life, I never felt free to be me, and when I found freedom to be myself, and found my voice, I made a decision to extend love and acceptance to others to set them free to be themselves, who God created them to be.

What are your values? Is it honesty, integrity, happiness, empathy, compassion, vitality, power, flexibility, openness? There are literally hundreds of values but you currently will be living your life according to about 5-8 key values.

When we make decisions that are not based on our values then we either don’t achieve the outcome of a decision or we feel intuitively not right. We often try to ignore or suppress this feeling, and when we do this we are out of alignment with who we are. And our life gets a little, or a lot, out of balance.

You may have experienced this with a check in your spirit when you are about to go against your values or something you believe in. If you go against that check in your spirit, you will just not feel right. If we act on that check in our spirit, we will have peace.

Our values are our foundation. Our foundation must be strong for us to live a truly whole, balanced and authentic life. 

Here’s a few more examples of some common values :





















Economic Security


Personal Development






Inner Harmony

Good Worth Ethic




Valuing Yourself

I am adding another one that is not usually on a ‘values’ list… YOURSELF!

Do you value yourself? All your values play a part in your decision to change your life. But valuing yourself is the most powerful motivation you will have to make any change in your life. You must value yourself. You must believe in your own worth. And you must believe in yourself enough to not compromise to go against your key values.

Once you know your values the next step is to work out what your life purpose is. And that is the subject of next week’s post.

You are of immeasurable value!

Have a great week!

Discovering Your Values worksheet

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