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Comfort or change

It’s that time of year when many of us are making New Year’s resolutions. You know the type… I’m going to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time in prayer, read my Bible through this year, get organised, declutter my home, read a book a week, whatever it is for you. However, a high percentage of people who make those New Year’s resolutions drop them shortly after the new year has begun. Why? What about you? Are you going to op for comfort or change?

I believe there are several reasons for this. One is that change is difficult. As much as we want it, unless we have a really good ‘why’, we just cannot make it work. Often we decide to make these changes for others, instead of ourselves. Your ‘why’ has to be YOUR ‘why’. For you.

Another reason I believe our promises to ourselves fail, and this I believe is the most significant one, is because we’ve made so many promises to ourselves in the past to change, and we haven’t kept them. And this has set up in us a belief that we cannot be trusted! I know it sounds strange, but it’s true. Imagine you have a friend who keeps promising you something, but fails to deliver. She lets you down time after time. What do you? Well, you stop believing her. You stop believing in her. And you stop trusting her and what she says. It’s the same when we make and break promises to ourselves. We stop believing the promise, we stop believing in the person who makes the promise, ourselves, and we stop trusting anything we say!

The question I want to ask you to consider today is this :

Do you love and value and believe in yourself enough to change? To commit to do things differently? Change is turning away from what you have always done to something better. Are you ready?

In the book Hidden Treasures* it says this about change :

Those who choose not to change miss their true purpose in life. They don’t grow. They don’t become what they were meant to be. They completely miss their life’s purpose and this causes an emptiness in their hearts. They feel a longing that they try to fill with other things.

Who of us likes change? I don’t think any of us do. But change is necessary for us to grow, and we must grow and change and mature to become all we are born to be.

Again from the book Hidden Treasures* let’s go back to the title of this post about comfort vs change, because its so easy to stay comfortable than to put the effort in to making those changes we desire, but is it helpful? Let’s see :

One of the most important things I learned in this journey is about comfort and change. Becoming comfortable can be a big problem… Becoming comfortable with where you are causes you to stop moving forward. Comfort tells you change is bad. When you become too comfortable with where you are, chaos follows. You have to get to a level of discomfort with where you are to move ahead and find peace.

What is your comfort level? Or your level of discomfort with where you are now?

So no more empty promises to ourselves. Let’s all make a decision to think about our ‘why’ for the changes we want to make, not for our families, but for OURSELVES.

We’re coming into a new year. What better time to make some decisions, not New Year’s resolutions that will fall away a couple of weeks into 2015, but decisions for real lasting change in our lives. It’s time NOW for us to stretch ourselves and grow again. Change is a cycle of growth and it’s a healthy one!

Add your comment in the section below and share with me what change you want to make in your life.

*Hidden Treasures by Paddi Newline, Ken Hartley, Jessica Oliver

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