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Preparing for a new year

Well, in only 3 days it will be a brand new year! I know, some of us think it’s just another day on the calendar as the days and years tick over. But I think the end of a year and the beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect, evaluate and planwhere we are now, and where do we want to be this time next year?

How do you prepare for a new year? Some people spend a day, a week, half a month, or a whole month, evaluating the year just gone, and looking ahead at what they want the next year to be for them.

They look at business, family, spiritual, relationships, leisure… all the areas of our lives.

I read a few free ebooks that were offered over a couple of years ago on the new year being your best year ever, and two of them have stood out for me. One was by Donna Partow, “Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever”, and the other was by Michael Hyatt, “Set Yourself Up for Your Best Year Ever”. Donna Partow’s book was a workbook that helped me to dig deep and really know myself, where I was at the time and where I wanted to be. Michael Hyatt gave eight strategies that successful people use to prepare for a new year. They were both excellent books and had some great tips and ways to prepare for a great new year, whatever that year happens to be, and I am writing this for a great 2018!

There are two things I want to focus on today. One is GRATITUDE and the other is BECOMING AN EXPERT.


We all know how important being grateful and thankful is. In getting ready for a new year, Ray Edwards in “Set Yourself Up for Your Best Year Ever”, says that he starts preparing with a ‘gratitude flood. “In my journal I write down every good thing I can remember from the past year. In that state of total gratitude I ask, ‘What do I most want to be thankful for one year from now?’ I write the answer down, and it becomes a focus for the near year.” I love that! I don’t know about you, but my year has been up and down, round and round, and all over the place! But this keeps the focus on the good things, not the maybe not-so-good things that have happened during the year, and brings us into the new year in a positive and uplifted and thankful frame of mind, and looking forward to what the new year will bring.

Becoming an Expert

I don’t recall who said this recently, but I heard it somehow like this… If you want to become an expert in an area, read a book a week on the subject you want to be an expert in, and at the end of the year you will be! I thought wow, I’m going to do that! Then, in Michael Hyatt’s ebook, Lysa TerKuerst says this, “This is a great year to become an expert on something. By pre-deciding what that something is, I can become a strategic student and an eventual expert”. Wow again! Who knows that when we hear something more than once in quick succession God is speaking? When I hear something twice like this, I stop and take notice, because repetition is one of the ways God speaks. So I stopped, and I heard. What I’m doing now to prepare for 2018, is asking myself, “What topic do I want to be an expert in?” and then choosing the books I need to read to get there.

Your turn! What about you? They are just two ways to prepare for the year ahead, you may do something different or know of others you’d like to try. Share with me your thoughts on evaluating and preparing for a new year. Check out the above ebooks, and let me know in the comment section below what strategy or strategies you will use to make 2018 a great year!

2018 here we come!!

Happy New Year!! And may it be your BEST YEAR EVER!!

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