Being You, Change

YOUnique You!

That’s right! YOU are UNIQUE!! There is only one YOU. Are you living the real YOU?

We can live a life that is not our own you know. We think we are living our own life, but we have been fooled. We have allowed ourselves to be conformed to what we think we need to be, or that dreaded “should” be. What expectations have been placed on you, that prevent or hinder you from being the real you? Or even knowing who the real you is?

What expectations have you placed on yourself?

I lived that life. Somewhere along the way I lost myself. I lost who I really was. And I became what others wanted me to be. Or expected me to be.

My husband said to me a while back, “Don’t wear other peoples clothes, they don’t fit you well”. In other words, be myself. Don’t wear other people’s stuff. Be you.

Even now as a free woman, I still fall back into those old thinking patterns at times. Insecurities re-emerge. Do you know so much of who we are is about our thoughts? Who we think we are? Just like you, I have to keep my mind on who I am. On who I know myself to be. And not let circumstances and situations that occur in life sway me from the truth of who I am.

Proverbs 23:7 in the Bible, says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. We are what we think we are. We are who we think we are. So who are you? Who do you think you are?

YOU are UNIQUE!! YOUnique YOU!! Who is that??? It’s worth everything to find out!!!

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