Life Clutter

Do you want more hours in your day?

Then it’s time to get organised!

Whether you’re a stay at home mum of small children, a working mum, or a woman who works from home, organisation is within your reach.

I’ve been organising myself and my family for years. But I wasn’t always organised, even though I believe I was born organised, I just love it so much!  But I remember as a child I kept my room tidy, mainly because my mum required it. But inside my wardrobe it was another story altogether! Because I knew mum wanted it tidy, I’d throw everything in my wardrobe and shut the door! It was horrible! And even as a young woman in my 20’s, I still lived that way at times. But at some point, I decided enough was enough.

Housework is probably one of the most under-rated ‘jobs’ on the planet!  But as mums who are equipping the next generation to live and function well in society, it’s an important skill to know how to run a home. And we get to demonstrate it!

I think, no I know, it’s possible and desirable to have a tidy and organized home. And it’s not that hard to do.It comes down to a few simple daily routines. Routines that don’t take all day to do, but that make a massive difference to the feel of your home and your own well being.

The job of home-maker can feel overwhelming, there are so many elements to it, so much to juggle, so many demands on our time and our energy, especially if you have young children, or work outside the home. But there is hope!

Developing some very simple daily routines to keep your home running smoothly, to keep clutter at bay, and your family happy and healthy, is I think one of the biggest contributions you can make.

So do yourself and your family a favour. If you haven’t already my Basic Morning Routine on the Freebies page go here to check it out, and I encourage you to put it into practice for one month, and see the difference it will make to your home, your family, and your life.


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