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What is responsibility to you?

Responsiibility leads to freedom, and freedom demands responsibility.  What is responsibility to you? What does it mean to you? Responsibility is being responsible for our own actions. Sometimes responsibility can be hard. It may be easier to let other people take responsibility for us, but that is not empowering. Sometimes we go even further and blame others for the situations in our lives, situations that we have created for ourselves.

Responsibility is freeing, because we are free to choose it.

When we blame others, we are abdicating responsibility for ourselves and our lives. Blaming others is a victim mindset. We say things like, “Everyone lets me down”. When we  have been hurt, we hold onto it, and project it onto others. Unless we forgive the offence, we will not be able to move on and let it go.  Taking offence and blaming others is a choice, just like forgiveness is a choice, and taking responsibility a choice. Taking responsibility for our own actions is freeing, because it empowers us to make a decision to change.

When I feel a victim, I feel powerless, frustrated, irritated, angry, taken advantage of, misunderstood. But what if I am 100% accountable for the situation I have created? By accepting responsibility, I move from that disempowered state to a state of power to make choices for my life and how I want to feel.

The benefits of responsibility are freedom, balanced emotions, control of our own life and the choices we make, not dependent on other people and their choices, autonomy, self-confidence, self-awareness, moving forward, and freedom.

Blaming keeps us stuck, not moving forward. Its our choice to choose freedom. Are you?

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