Change, Freedom

Embracing change

I keep hearing more and more about butterflies, what amazing creatures they are! Its a total life transformation like no other. While they are caterpillars they crawl around on leaves for the whole 9 days they are caterpillars, eating leaves, and seeing only black and white.

When they enter the cocoon they go through a ‘dying’ process, where the caterpillar virtually dies, and cells that were laying dormant in the caterpillar are quickened to life, and these cells form the butterfly. No longer does this creature crawl around on leaves, it now flies! No longer does it eat leaves, it now eats nectar. No longer can it only see black and white, it can now see colour. This is truly a new creation, a new beginning, a new life.

In the coaching session, we too go through a ‘dying’ process, where we ‘die’ to the old ways we lived that no longer support the ‘new you’ and the new direction you are going in your life, to the things that kept us from pursuing our dreams, fears for example that kept us stuck, mind sets that no longer support us, or negative self-talk. And we ‘come alive’ to all the possibilities, dreams and potential that are in us. In a sense we grow wings to fly!

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