Being Free, Being Organised, Clutter, Taking Action

Time to get organised… a new year is coming!

The beginning of a new year is a great time to get organised and declutter, not only your home or your office space, but your life. Some of us have too much stuff around us, whether it is physical stuff, or we are loaded down with too many things on our plate.

  • Our home is full of things we don’t use, and probably don’t need.
  • Our minds are full of all the things we are meant to be doing, or should be doing, and not doing.
  • Our diaries are jam-packed with appointments and events that we wish we could have said ‘no’ to.
  • Our desks are piled high with papers that we just never got around to filing, or throwing out.

The result is we experience feelings of being overwhelmed, pushed into corners, frustrated, and out of control.

I know because I have felt like this too, and sometimes still do.

But where do we start?

I can hear your thoughts…

  • “The clutter in my home is out of control”
  • “How do I say no to all those invitations?”
  • “How do I clear my mind?”
  • “What do I do with all those papers?”

My answer? Start small. Start where you are. Start with one area at a time. Start with one thing at a time. Start NOW.

Today I want to focus on the area of physical clutter. It is my belief that if we have clutter on the inside of us, we will have clutter on the outside. And vice versa… If we have clutter on the outside somehow it leads to clutter on the inside. One seems to reflect the state of the other. And I believe it’s also to do with peace. If we want to have peace on the inside, it helps to have peace on the outside.

So here is what I suggest to start preparing for a ‘free’ new year…

  1. Pick one area of your home, it could be a corner, a table top, the kitchen bench, your bedside table, your desk, it doesn’t matter, but pick an area where there is clutter.
  2. Remove everything from it, wipe it down if it needs it, and put back only what needs to be there.
  3. The rest of the items, divide into 3 piles :
    1) things to put away later,
    2) things to give away, and
    3) things to throw away.

Don’t take more than 30 minutes to do this exercise. It may be a good idea to put a timer on for 15 minutes, and if you need to stop and take a breath do that, and then do another 15 minutes. And stop for today.

  • Things to throw away : do it NOW! Take that all to the rubbish bin and toss it!
  • Things to give away : bag or box them up NOW, and put them in your car to take to the op shop. Don’t look at these items again, and no excuses! Just do it!
  • Things to put away : if they have a place, put them there. If they don’t have a place to live yet, put them aside somewhere, out of the way, and you can get to them later.

Do this every day, and you’ll be surprised at how much you get done! If you can only do 15 minutes a day, that is fine! If you miss a day, that is fine too. You are starting small, just get right back at it the next day. And before you know it, your home will be clutter free!

Oh, and put some happy music on while you’re doing this, it’ll lift your spirits and boost your energy!! START NOW!

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