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Being in lightness

What is significance? I thought significance was value, importance, worth, and it is all those things, but another aspect of significance is ‘weighty’, ‘heaviness’. Significance can also be the “shoulds” in our life. These are judgements, preconceived ideas, and control. Significance is the things we see as “too important”, a burden, i.e. too heavy. Things we put too much emphasis on. By that I mean we put too much value on something that does not warrant that amount of value. Then there’s being in lightness.

Lightness on the other hand is just that, lightness. It is the opposite of significance. Its feeling ‘light’ not ‘heavy’ about the situations in our life. Its feeling free of expectations that either we or others put on us. Its freedom from the “shoulds” that make us feel guilty or brings feelings of negativity. Some helpful techniques for moving from significance to lightness are journalling, visualisation, and laughter. Laughter changes things in a heartbeat. Even a smile has the ability to lift us out of heaviness into lightness. We have the capacity to lighten an environment by something as simple as laughter.

Significance by its very nature of ‘heaviness’ is weighty and holds us back from moving forward. We are burdened and bound. When we are in lightness nothing stands in our way. We are happy and free.

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