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Change to transformation

I’ve always thought change and transformation are the same thing, but I’m beginning to wonder if in fact they are. I’m starting to think that transformation is the outworking of change, just like faith is the outworking of trust. Let me explain.

For me faith has been an elusive thing, until I heard that in some early translations of the Bible, faith was translated as trust. Suddenly faith was real, it was tangible, because trust is tangible. I’ve come to believe that trust is the action and faith is the result. But faith is also the reason we can trust.

With change and transformation, I am thinking the same way. That change has to happen for transformation to take place. Change is a decision we make to do something differently. To think differently. Romans 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. That means we need to do something for transformation to take place. We have to renew our minds, to think differently. So transformation is the outworking of us changing how we think.

James Allen, says, and also King Solomon said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” In other words, we are who we think we are.

Look at the caterpillar. He spends his life on a leaf, and he has to ‘decide’ (although in his case, it’s a built in instinct), to make a change. In order to be a butterfly, he can’t stay on that leaf, he must build a cocoon around himself, and submit to a dying of who he is, to become who he is meant to be. He had to build the cocoon, for that transformation to take place.

So with us. We long for transformation. We long for our lives to be different. But are we actually making the decision to change those things in our lives that need to change in order to facilitate that transformation? Change is not easy. We are creatures of habit, and are comfortable with the status quo. But nothing changes if nothing changes! Transformation can’t happen unless we change. Change is the work of transformation.

We change to be transformed.

I need to submit myself to the process of transformation by being willing to make some changes in my life. This requires motivation, determination, and effort! But without it, we will continue to long for transformation, but we and our lives will not be transformed until we are not just willing but committed to changing those things, those habits, that will lead to a transformed life.

2 thoughts on “Change to transformation”

    1. Thanks allgood, habits are hard to break, but once aware of the ones that are holding us back, we can then make those changes that lead to lasting transformation.


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