Being Organised, Goals, Purpose

Do your structures support your goals?

Let me ask a question, “What structures do you have in place that support your dreams and goals?” I didn’t think I had any. For the past months pretty much all I’ve focused on in my coaching sessions has been my lack of structure, my feeling of chaos, and my desire to find some order in my days again. A structure is putting something in place. We all have structures whether we are aware of them or not. We set the alarm clock, keep a diary, drive to work, they’re all structures. Life changes, and with the changes the structures shift, but they’re still there.

My coach encouraged me to change my perspective, because when I began studying for my life coaching certification, suddenly all the structures I had in place shifted and I thought I had no structure, because my priority became my classes whereas before my priority was my role as homemaker, and my days had routine and a structure I had built. The structure was still there I just couldn’t see it, because it was different, somehow those things were still getting done (even if not by me!). My new structure of scheduling my classes, supports me in my goal to gain accreditation as a professional life coach. However my structure of continuing to question what I believed was lack of structure in the other areas of my life in this time of transition was not supporting my goal or my family as it was causing me to feel stress which is disempowering. This structure had to go!

With a changed perspective I was able to see that I did have a structure that was working for me to support my goal, and I could then take pressure off myself, relax and enjoy the process. As I just described some structures don’t support us, structures that keep us from moving forward, things we believe about ourselves for instance that stop us, and these structures we need to look at and adjust. What structures do you have that support where you’re going and what you want? And which ones need to go?

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