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Mind Full or Mindful?

They sound the same but they are worlds apart. Being mind-full is having so much going around in our heads that we feel overwhelmed. Mindful is where we stop and listen with our hearts about where we are and what we want. Its a stillness that brings awareness. Its a way of being in the present, in the now, and assessing our lives. Being mindful brings freedom because it shows us where we need to let things go to embrace the things we really want and desire.

One definition of mindfulness I recently heard is, “Paying attention on purpose, in a particular way, in the present moment, and non-judgementally”. Another is, “Mindfulness is in opposition to taking life for granted”. I like that. Mindfulness is key to coaching because it is about awareness. What helps me to be mindful is journalling. I take myself off to a quiet spot, and just simply write. I write from the heart, the emotions, rather than the mind. This works for me, but would it work for everyone? We are all different.

One of my clients loves gardening, and she finds in that place a time of mindfulness, in quiet reflection. When we are being mindful we are linking ourselves to our own greatness, to our life purpose. Finding and knowing who we are unlocks our life purpose and destiny. There is no room for judgement in mindfulness. We need to not give voice to the inner voice that says, “I’m not doing enough”, “I should be doing more”. We think that if we judge ourselves we will change, but its the opposite. If we judge ourselves, we will continue those self-defeating behaviours.

We are what we think we are. We do and become what we focus on. If we focus on judgement we stay in that place. If we focus on mindfulness and the things we really want and who we really are, we will move forward. We must acknowledge ourselves, and if we do that it eliminates the tendency to judge ourselves. I also read something this morning that resonated with me, “Be aware of those who criticise (or judge) themselves, because they will love their neighbour as they love themselves.” What do you think?

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