Being Free, Change, Dare to Dream, Purpose

Are you living your dreams?

My story is like that of a butterfly which is why you’ll see lots of butterflies on this website.I have gone from a woman stuck in insecurity and feelings of imperfection, to a woman who knows who she is and empowered to live her dreams. I have gone from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Caterpillars are beautiful too, but they are born to be a butterfly. They were born to fly!

Who are you born to be? What are you born to do?

Butterflies represent to me new life, new beginnings. It wasn’t always easy for the butterfly just as my transformation hasn’t all been easy. While the caterpillar rested in the cocoon it built for itself, it grew and once grown had to exert some effort to come out of the cocoon and become the beautiful butterfly it was born to be. Isn’t that a beautiful picture? That’s how my life looks. And that is how your life can look too. Because I found that level of freedom to be me, I am passionate about helping other women find that same freedom.

I see the coaching relationship like the time in the cocoon. Its a safe place where you can grow and become strong, to then emerge as the beautiful, amazing woman you were born to be, living the life of your dreams, living to your fullest potential.

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