Being Organised, Daily Routines, Life Clutter, Time Management

Getting organised for a simple & fun life

Feeling overwhelmed by too much clutter? Not enough time to get everything done? No time for yourself? I’ve been there! Getting organised, learning how to manage your time well, and have time for the things you enjoy makes for a simple life.

Some people love having lots of things around their home, but when it gets where we can’t find anything, or we’re tripping over things, or having to navigate around things, then its too much clutter. Clutter is taking over our lives!  I’m not a born organiser, I can be messy, I can be disorganised, and there have been times in my life where I’ve lived with too much clutter, and it has not been a happy time for me, because I do not love chaos! In my efforts to get organised I’ve moved my things from one place to another, and back again!

Marla Cilley (The FlyLady) says, “You cannot organise clutter”, and she’s right! The only way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of it! Literally!! Toss it out. Give it away. Or put it away if it’s something that you just must keep! Who’s got excess time to dust all those things anyway?

The other thing I’ve noticed, is that if there’s clutter on the outside, there will be clutter on the inside. For some strange reason, clutter begets clutter. Whether it’s from the inside out, or the outside in, it’s the same… clutter begets clutter. Put one thing down and leave it there, and you can be sure before long there’ll be more.

I have learnt to be organised, so I know you can too. We can learn to organise our homes and lives by using simple routines or habits on a daily basis that will gradually eliminate the clutter and bring order and peace to our lives.

The time is NOW!

So there is hope! Getting organised can be a simple and fun thing to do. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s taken a long time, sometimes years, for us to get in the mess we’re in, but it won’t take years to get out of it!  It will take consistency. And determination. And commitment.

The feeling of having even one space clean and tidy and organised is amazing, and well worth the effort. Being organised actually brings peace. Just as clutter brings stress, order brings peace.

I have built some simple daily routines into my days to get and stay organised so I can enjoy the simplicity of a clutter free space around me. I love beautiful things, and I love my home to look and feel beautiful and welcoming.

Managing Our Time

In my mind, time management and getting organised go together. Learning how to manage our time, helps us to get and stay organised and clutter free. You plan your day, plan when you’ll do your routines, plan your outings, plan your meals, plan when you’ll have free time, creative time, etc.

When we are managing our time well, and our home and life are organised and we have a simply routine to follow, we find our life is in balance, we feel peaceful, we have time for the fun things, you are able to invite people over to our home, and even let them in if they drop in, and we will be able to really enjoy the freedom of a simple life and a beautiful home.

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