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Time Management 101

We spin our wheels, or spin the hands of the clock, and the day ends, and there is so much still unfinished. All those jobs or assignments or projects we began in the hope of completing, left unfinished, maybe some not even started.

Yet, we were busy all day! What happened?

I was at church recently, and I cannot recall why I began thinking of a clock! But I did. And I saw the centre of the clock as my time with the Lord, and the hands of the clock going around and around, from the centre of the clock. And it hit me. Without being anchored to the centre of the clock, the hands can’t turn properly or as they need to, to go around the clock keeping time. In fact, they’d fall off! And I saw a picture of how my life looks when I’m not putting the Lord in the centre of everything I do. The hands fall off the clock!

This is time management at its best! I am a firm believer as a Christian that God redeems time. This may sound funny, but I know it’s true. When I spend the first part of my day with Him, there seems to be time to do all I have planned to do, and at times, even more. But if I don’t, somehow I run out of time, and I end the day frustrated that I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to.

Somehow I trick myself into believing that I don’t have time this morning to spend my time with the Lord because I know the day will be busy and I have so much I want and need to do, and so I rush into my day only to find at the end of it that I didn’t get it all done, that I haven’t had a great day, that I was rushed and frustrated. That the hands had in fact fallen off the clock, and that my day did not run smoothly!

Just as the hands of the clock need the centre of the clock to anchor it, and regulate the smooth movement of the hands around the clock, so we need to be anchored to our ‘centre’, Jesus Christ. Our time spent with Him is our centre. Our connection to the source of our life. Our day is centred in Him, and the time we spend with Him at the beginning of the day sets our ‘hands’ if you like the analogy, in motion, and our day runs much more smoothly than it would otherwise, and we end up somehow with more time than we would have had.

If you’re not sure about this, try it for yourself! Spend time with Him first thing in the day, don’t skip it because you think you’re too busy, honestly, you’re too busy not to!


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