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Creating self-awareness

Coaching is all about creating self-awareness, creating self-decisiveness, and helping create self-directed action. I’m not sure I’ve always been a very self-aware person, but I see the importance of it now. I thought awareness was more about being aware of what was going on around me, or in others, but its really about me, or about you, and what’s going on within me and around me. A good question to ask ourselves for self-awareness is, “What am I doing?” A tough thing for me was to identify my strengths and talents, but its actually quite important for us to do that because it is a big part of being self-aware.

Awareness is truly knowing ourselves. Wanting self-awareness is the first step to having it. Self-awareness is to know ourselves and what makes us the way we are and why we do the things we do. Questions to increase self-awareness are ‘What are my qualities and strengths?’, ‘What is my vision for myself?’ and ‘What am I doing?’  Greater self-awareness is leading our own life, from strength to strength, knowing who we are, and following our own pathway for life that we have planned out for ourselves. Our life purpose. It is simply knowing ourselves.

Some ways to support self-awareness are : write a journal, list our strengths and think about how to develop them further, employ a coach, attend workshops or read books on self-awareness. Things to be aware of are our thoughts and feelings, our natural talents and strengths, our weaknesses, our beliefs and attitudes, our values, what inspires us, what empowers us, and what disempowers us.

Coaching is all about creating self-awareness, creating self-decisiveness, and helping to create self-directed action. Coaches create awareness by asking questions. Questions create self-awareness. Coaches also give feedback, and this feedback leads to self-awareness, which offers choices (i.e. self-decisive) which leads to self-directed action. In coaching we create awareness because it’s hard to move forward if we don’t know where we are now.

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