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Have you swept your mind lately?

I read this recently but I don’t know the source… I am woman, I am invincible, I am tired! If this is you… I understand! When I first heard the term “swept your mind” I had no idea what it meant, but it has a similar result to sweeping a chimney!

I wrote an encouraging note to a friend a couple of days ago, and I listed all she is to so many people, and I felt overwhelmed at all she does! And then I did a mind sweep of all that is on my mind, and all that I do, and again, I felt overwhelmed… and tired… just at the thought of it all!

As women, as mums, how do we cope with all that we have on our plates?

I listened to one of those short videos people post on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and it really spoke to me. As a business owner, working from home, the tendency is to work… all day and even into the night. I mean, my office is right there, and if something needs to be done, I just go and do it. The problem is I’m not stopping, I’m not looking after me, and all areas of my life begin to suffer, including getting a good night’s sleep. And we all know how important sleep is!

I know you don’t all have home-based businesses, but you are women and maybe mums, and your job is right there in front of you all the time, so the tendency for you is the same. You work and work, in your case for others, and forget yourself.

If you were to sit down and do a mind sweep of what is in your head, and all you do in a day, and all that people demand of you, what would your list look like? You know what? It doesn’t actually really matter what your list will look like, because your mind will feel freer!

What I realized a while ago, was that the reason I wasn’t getting good sleep at night was because my mind was so full of all the unfinished tasks that I didn’t get to during the day, and all the new tasks that I needed to try to remember for tomorrow. My mind was full! And very active! And couldn’t switch off to go to sleep. Do you relate?

And then I learnt about two things, 1) doing a mental mind sweep at the end of the day, and 2) using a system to get everything down on paper. The great thing about doing a mind sweep, is you go through all the things you’ve written down, and cross off all the things you have no control over, group the other things into categories, and prioritise which ones need attention first. Your list, which was in your mind, is much smaller and much more manageable! And your mind is light and airy!! In the best way of course!

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