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Dream for it is you who creates your world

Do you believe this? I have a close friend who is always saying, “Every decision you make is the life that you live”. Do you believe that? I do. Because I have seen it all in action. Whatever decision I make today, whether it is big or small, affects tomorrow. So yes, you create your world! Let me give you an example. A personal one.

I am on a weight-loss journey, and its having its ups and downs (pun intended!). I realise that the decision of what I eat today affects how I show up on the scales tomorrow. Another one. If I make a decision to forego sleep (I am a passionate papercrafter and often stay up late to finish a project), then the next day I am sluggish and find it hard to cope with my daily routines. If I do this often it affects my health as well. There are bigger decisions that we make that affect our future. The friends we choose, the relationship we choose, the career we choose, how we spend our time, and how we spend our money.

What are your dreams? For your life today? What do you visualise for your future? What decisions are you making (or not making) that may be affecting where you want to be in say a year’s time, or 5 years time? Or even next week?

What you dream about, what you think about, and every decision you make, creates your world.


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