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A place for everything

Apparently, according to Wikipeadia, Charles Augustus Goodrich popularised the saying,

A place for everything and everything in its place,

way back in the 1800’s. It’s also been attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

The phrase was published in an article called “Neatness” which was published in an Ohio newspaper in 1827. The idea was that everything should have a place, and that everything should be returned to this proper place.

The phrase has always gotten a lot of coverage. Today, we use it for being organised, mostly in our homes. And I use it a lot! I love being organised! I love neatness. And I am a firm believer that if there is clutter in our homes, it causes clutter in our lives, inside of us, and vice versa. If we are in chaos on the inside, there will mostly likely be chaos in our surroundings also.

But the opposite is true too.

If there is order on the outside, in our homes, in our surroundings, it brings peace to our soul, i.e. our minds and our emotions.

When I was a child, my mum had a bench in the kitchen where she would put things that we left lying around. She wasn’t a neat freak or anything like that, she just liked things put away, and so do I… now!! If we were looking for something and couldn’t find it, chances were it would be in that pile on the kitchen bench beside the fridge! And I did not like going there!

And somewhere along the line I made one of those life decisions that I would not have one of those places in my home! And for the most part I haven’t. But… there have been times! And places… my craft room is a prime example.

Do you have places in your home where things gather? Table tops? Bench tops? The kitchen bench is a good place to ‘drop’ things as you’re passing. By the end of the day, just when its time to start preparing the evening meal, you have to clear away the clutter to make room for chopping the veggies. My dressing table in my bedroom is one of those spots for me. We all have them. But if we have too many of them (and really even one is too many if its not cleared away every day), then it becomes overwhelm!

Daily Routines are a great way to keep clutter at bay! And a great way to make sure everything goes back in its proper place… providing we have made a place for everything that is!

Does that sound overwhelming to you? To find a place for everything in your home? Maybe then some things have to go! Maybe it’s time to declutter! More on that another time.

If you’re interested click the link here for a copy of my simple Morning Routine List

I also have a series of ebooks on organisation and clutter, which I will add to the Freebies page on this site.

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