Clutter, Clutter Free, Live Simply

Why do you want to be free of clutter?

Why do you want to be clutter free and get organised? Why do you want to get rid of the stuff that is crowding you out?

That is a good question! And the answer to that question is the motivation you are looking for to get started!

Your WHY is behind everything you do. Your WHY is your compass that keeps you focused and on track.

Maybe your WHY is something like these :

  • to have more space
  • to not feel so overwhelmed
  • to be able to have people over
  • because you’re tired of not being able to find anything
  • to be free to enjoy your home and family
  • to have peace again
  • because you want to create a beautiful place for your family

Do you know what is working for you? And what is not working for you? You probably know what’s not working, especially if you spend way too much time looking for misplaced items (I know!)  I’d like you to find what is working for you. Even though you may be in a state of disarray and it looks like there is no order to anything, there will be. You just need to search for it.

Maybe you have a place for your keys so you always know where they are – mine go in a small basket near the front door…

  • Maybe you always put your bills in the same place so you know where they are when it’s time to pay them
  • Do you have a place where you put you reading glasses when you take them off?
  • So write and tell me what is working for you. I’m sure you’ll be surprised!!

To know your WHY click here for a free downloadable worksheet ‘Know Your WHY’

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