Being You, Change, Dare to Dream

The power of what we believe

What we believe is key to overcoming the things that hinder us from achieving what we want to achieve. Whatever change we want to make, if we are to be successful in making that change, is dependent on what we believe.

What we believe is congruent with what we think.

Henry Ford said,

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Do you know that over the course of your lifetime you have developed thousands of beliefs? Some you are aware of, some you are not.

The iceberg is a great illustration of our beliefs.

Experts say that between 90% to 95% of our beliefs, our thoughts, are below the water. Only 5-10% are above the water. In other words, 90-95% of our beliefs are in our subconscious, and only 5-10% are conscious, beliefs that we are aware of.

Most of our beliefs lay below the surface; we can’t see them, but they are strong and powerful. They are the very core and strength of who you are. They are you, the you that you are today. They have been built over years starting from very early childhood. They are also, to a large degree, a result of decisions we’ve made, both conscious and unconscious.

This is a huge topic! But knowing our beliefs means knowing who we are today. But we don’t have to stay that way. We can change. Some people call these underlying beliefs templates, templates we’ve developed over the years that make us believe, think and behave in a particular way, in response to events or circumstances that trigger a particular reaction or behaviour.

Most of us at some time in our lives want to change the way we behave or react. We come to realise that what we’ve always done is not working. We become aware that something is just not right. Trying to find these beliefs hiding beneath the surface in our subconscious is difficult, but not impossible.

It begins with self-awareness which is the conscious observation of the way we think and act and is the first step to gaining insight into what lies below the surface. By discovering these underlying beliefs and dealing with them, it becomes possible for us to change our behaviour.

These hidden beliefs affect everything we do. If we are trying to change a habit, these beliefs can trip us up because we have an underlying belief for instance, that…

  • everything I do fails, or
  • I never finish anything I start, or
  • I cannot get anything right, or
  • I’ll always be like this

or whatever it is for you.

The thing is we can all change! It takes :

  • A decision to to want to change and a desire to discover why we behave the way we do that prevents change
  • Self-awareness of what are the hidden beliefs that are hindering us from making the change we want
  • Courage to face them, and then change the template to a new empowering belief
  • And the biggest belief of all – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

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