Being You, Values

Our values are our GPS

Our values lead to our thoughts which lead to our actions.

Our values are our GPS for our life. They are what guide us to do what we do. There are hundreds of values! Honesty, intregity, acceptance, love, thankfulness, kindness, adaptability, commitment, compassion, creativity, excellence, justice, fairness, generosity, humour, respect, self-discipline, trust, just to name a few.

Values are not only about how we treat others, but how we treat ourselves as well.

Some things I value are loving people, accepting them for where they are at, honesty and integrity, a sense of humour and fun, loyalty, organisation, simple kindness, and relationships. Some ways I value myself are integrity, creativity, kindness, self-discipline, health, family, recreation, time out for me, connectedness, relationship, order, tidiness, having a place for everything, and living and working in a clutter free environment.

What is your purpose?

Our purpose is what drives us forward. What makes our life fulfilling is when we are living from our values and living out our purpose. My purpose is to bring freedom, wholeness and purpose to peoples’ lives so they are free to fulfill their full potential, to be all they were created to be, to know who they are, what they’re here for, so that they can live out of that place. It is important that we are in touch with our true values, the core essence of who we are. Its also important that we are aware of what our assets and strengths are. This builds self-confidence, because we will truly know ourselves. Confidence is an inner knowing of who we are and what we have to offer.

What are your values? And do you know what your purpose is?

We are all designed for something. Some people call it a vocation, a calling, destiny. What is yours?

To discover your core values click here for a free downloadable worksheet ‘The Values Game’

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