Clutter Free, Life Clutter, Spirituality

Is your soul clutter free?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the clutter around us not only affects us physically or even mentally, but it also affects our souls. And if it affects our souls it affects who we are. And to be able to connect with who we are we need a clutter free soul. Our souls are where we reason, where we think, and where we feel emotions.

If we clear the physical clutter, we can clear the mental clutter. And if we clear the mental clutter, we can clear the soul. And if we clear the soul, we clear our spirit, and we can be who we are truly created to be.


A part of that is connecting with the One who created us. I am convinced that if our souls are not at peace, we cannot connect with God as we’d like to. I have found in my own experience, and have spoken to others who have experienced the same thing, that if our emotions are all over the place, it is difficult to hear God’s voice. Even Elijah couldn’t hear God in the storm, or the wind. He heard Him in the stillness.

The storms of life are real. They come and we have to deal with them. But if we continue to carry them, and to dwell on them, our souls become clogged, and our spiritual hearing is muffled. It’s drowned out by the ‘noise’ of our souls. When we declutter our souls, we can connect more fully with our spirit, and so with God.

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