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Freedom in simplicity



so also does not allow for SIMPLICITY

The first step then is to get rid of the CLUTTER. Once you get rid of the clutter, you can find the FREEDOM IN SIMPLICITY to live SIMPLY. There is too much to complicate our lives these days. Especially as I’ve said often before, we have way too many choices to make every day. Even in a simple day you can find complications arising. They can be caused by a lack of communication for instance, or simply misplacing something that you need in a hurry. It can be decisions that you need to make, that you are not ready for, or have not factored into your day.

All of these can restrict freedom. They are all a type of ‘clutter’, because they clutter up, not only our physical environment, but our day, and our lives.

  • Physical clutter : that is obvious, it’s things, belongings, that take over our homes
  • Emotional clutter : not so obvious, but just as real. Emotional clutter is feeling and perceiving things in our environment, our relationships, even our relationship with ourselves, that are not true
  • Mental clutter : stress, anxiety, negative self-talk, are all signs of mental clutter
  • Spiritual clutter : thoughts, beliefs and feelings about who we are, why we are here, what we are meant to be doing with our lives, limiting beliefs about who we are are, and where we belong, are all a part of spiritual clutter.

All clutter restricts freedom.

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