Change, Procrastination, Taking Action

Are you taking action?

It is important that you take action if you want to move forward with your desire to create change in your life.

Do you feel stressed, frustrated, uncertain, or a lack of freedom? These can be indicators that you are not moving in the direction you want to go, or at the very least, not moving forward fast enough. Something is holding you back. Something is stopping you, in other words, there is a ‘delay’ in the process of change. That delay can be your own self, or outside circumstances.

What causes us to delay taking action?

Procrastination is a major player in delaying action, and something a lot of us struggle with, including me. We get distracted, but is it that we are choosing to get distracted, so we don’t have to do the other thing? I think that at times that is the case. It seems that no matter how good the intention, something is getting in the way of us actually fulfilling what we set out to do.

“Shoulds” are also ways to recognise where we are delaying action. For example, “I should have done this by now.” The problem with “shoulds” is that they produce so much guilt in us, that that in itself causes us to delay taking action. “Shoulds” put an expectation on us to do something, and if we don’t, or can’t, meet that expectation we feel guilty because we didn’t do what we “should” have done. Personally, I don’t believe “should”, should be in our vocabulary at all!

Doubt is also a factor in delay. We can doubt our ability to change.

Lack of belief in ourselves also causes us to delay taking action. We simply don’t believe we’re worth the good result at the end, or that we’re even able to make the changes we want to make.

Commitment. How commited are we? If we are not committed enough to take the action required, then it won’t happen. We will find ways, excuses, to not follow through.

We say things are important to us, but we don’t do them. Why? Are we self-sabotaging our best intentions to change something in our lives? Change is hard. But it is inevitable. And isn’t it better to be in control of what we can change?

If it is something we really don’t like to do, then delay is inevitable. If we can get clear on the source of delay then we can feel empowered to make some good decisions.

Action is the opposite of delay. Action can be simply a shift in perspective. Action energises, where inaction de-energises. Sometimes an action we commit to may not be a right action for us, it may be something imposed on us by someone else, so it’s important to truly know yourself and want you want. Perhaps it may not be the right time for that action right now.

How to take action:

Taking action is centered around time and prioritising. A lack of clarity around priorities can be a cause of delay. We need to know what is important to us, and we need to prioritise those activities, and put aside the things that do not align with who we are, our values, and where we are going – the big picture of our life.

It can be helpful to address any of the delay tactics mentioned above, including any fears you may have, and any limiting underlying beliefs you may hold, and armed with this awareness you can create a change in perspective.

Goal setting is a great way to get into action. It gives structure, and helps you feel you are moving forward.

Define your goal, whether it is to declutter your whole house or just one room, and start taking small steps to accomplish your goal by taking action, and you will see it’s fulfillment in time.

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