Clutter Free, Live Simply

Keep calm and give it a home

The cupboards are already full, so where do those new things go that you’ve just bought? They invariably end up in the backs of cupboards taking up precious space, because maybe they’re just not what the manufacturer promised, or on a counter top, or a dresser, or a bookshelf, or even the floor. And there you have it… CLUTTER! And it creeps and creeps and creeps until there is so much of it, you feel suffocated by it all.

As women we want the best for our family.. don’t we? We are always looking for the best gadgets to help streamline our lives and give our families the best. But where do we put all these things, things that are designed to make our life easier and give us more free time?

A part of being organised and clutter-free is having a place for everything and everything where…? That’s right… IN IT’S PLACE! I know you’ve heard this before!

And if there isn’t a place for it in your home, why do you have it?

An organised home is free of clutter. It gives the appearance of space, and is welcoming. It is a lovely feeling to be able to walk into a room without having to fight our way through clutter and mess.Think about all the things in your home that do not have a place to call home?

  • Where are they? On the counter top in the kitchen? A bedside table? The dining table? The floor? Somewhere in the back of a cupboard that it’s nearly impossible to find it?
  • What are they? Are they things you love? Things that are useful? Things you use regularly? Or are they things you haven’t used in a very long time? Or things you don’t even really like?
  • Why have you still got them? Do they have some sentimental value? Were they a gift? Were they something you saved up for because you really just had to have it, but now you don’t want it, but can’t bring yourself to get rid of?

Whether you’re a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) or you go out to work a full-time job, you can get rid of the clutter and bring peace, calm and order to your home, and your mind. Anyone can learn the gentle art of skilfull decluttering.

Start by asking yourselves these questions :

  • Do I want to keep it?
    Will I use it again?
    Is there an emotional attachment to this, and something I cannot part with?
    If it’s clothing : Does it fit me NOW? Do I feel good when I wear this?
  • If it’s NO to any of these, then you probably don’t need to keep it.
  • If it’s YES to the first question, ask yourself WHY do you want to keep it? Maybe the other questions will answer it for you.

Is that bright shiny new gadget really making your life easier? Or is it complicating it because there is just no place for it to call home?

  • Assess every item that does not have a place to live; use the above questions, and…
  • Decide if you really want or need to keep it…

And if you do, find a place for it to live. If you don’t either give it away, or throw it away if its of no use to anyone else either!

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