Clutter Free, Live Simply

Reduce stress.. Have a place for everything!

The absolute best way to keep a clutter free and ordered home, is to have a place for everything you own. If you do, then it is so much easier to keep your home clutter free, because it is easy to put away everything you own.

If you don’t have a place for everything, then when it comes time to put it away it causes stress because either there is nowhere to put it, or trying to squash it into an overcrowded cupboard is to be avoided at all costs, and so it stays out.

To have a place for everything you own, you need to own less! The other alternative of course is to move to a much bigger house with many more cupboards and drawers! Probably not an option for most of us.

Most of us have too much stuff. Our homes, our cupboards and drawers, are over-stuffed with all the stuff we own. So we need to make some decisions about what we’ll keep and what we won’t. This is not always an easy decision to make. Some of the things we own have sentimental value, and we just cannot part with them. That’s ok. But we also own a lot of stuff that, to be honest, is just stuff… stuff that we can eliminate from our home and our lives.

Clutter causes us stress. So clearing the clutter out also clears away the stress caused by all the clutter.

A clutter free life is a stress free life.


Start small, and continue doing little bits with consistency, and you will see results. You will feel lighter, freer, and happier, when you begin to see the clutter disappear, and order come back into your life. Just pick one corner of your home to start with, and follow this simple 3-step process :

1. Assess each item and make a

2. Decision as to whether you will keep it or

3. Box it up and give it away or throw it away

As you Assess each item, ask yourself these questions :

  • Do I need or want to keep this?
  • Will I use it again?
  • Is there an emotional attachment to this, and something I cannot part with?
  • If it’s clothing : Does it fit me NOW? Do I feel good when I wear this?

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