Clutter, Procrastination

Overcoming the Thief of Time: that “P” Word

How many times have you started something, or made an intention to declutter a part of your home? You took one look at what you needed to do, and thought, “I’ll do it later”, or “I’ll start tomorrow”? If you’re anything like me, your answer will be lots of times!

What you have just done is you procrastinated!

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘procrastination’ as follows :

  • to be slow or late about doing something that should be done
  • to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it
  • to put off intentionally and habitually
  • to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

There is really only one way to overcome procrastination… and that is, to quote Nike, “JUST DO IT!”

What happens if we continue to procrastinate? NOTHING!

Think about it. Nothing happens! Nothing changes! The only way to change something is to change it! If we continue to do the same thing, we will always get the same result. If we continue to procrastinate, we will not move forward, we will stay exactly the same, exactly where we are.

If you’ve been reading my blog, I know you want to be more organised and to be free of clutter and chaos in your life. Are you changing anything to make that a reality? Or are you like Scarlett O’Hara? Last week I posted a quote from her from the movie, Gone With The Wind….

“After all, tomorrow is another day.”

Here is the full quote :

_Oh, I can't think about that today!

You know what? Tomorrow ends up being today, and we go through the same cycle over and over again! Let’s change it!

How to overcome procrastination

      • Don’t put things off – do things as they come up
      • Write a TO DO list, check it every day, and tick things off as you do them
      • Prioritise the items on your TO DO list in the order that they need to be done
      • Break big tasks down into smaller tasks, so you do not get overwhelmed with the size of the task
      • Don’t try to tacke it all at once, use a kitchen timer, set to 15 to 30 minutes and work till the bell goes off
      • Do the most unpleasant tasks on your list first, then you’ll have more energy to do the more pleasant tasks
      • Know what time of day is best for you, when you have the most energy, or the most free time to complete a task
      • If you have a larger task, like decluttering a space in your home, schedule it by writing it on your calendar and blocking out some time for it.

Some helpful strategies to counter resistance to act NOW

      • Change “I am really tired” to “But I can still make a small start right now”
      • Change “I will miss out on the fun happening now” to “But if I get some of it done, I can reward myself with other fun later”
      • Change “I don’t have everything I need” to “But I can still try to make a start on some aspects of the task”
      • Change “I have plenty of time, I can do it later” to “But better to get on top of it now than leave it to the last minute”
      • Change “I have other things to do” to “But they are not more important and can be done after this”.

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