Clutter Free, Daily Routines

A New Year Challenge

Last year, I wrote about getting organised for 2016, and about decluttering, and setting myself a challenge.

This was the challenge :

  1. Pick one area of my home, it could be a corner, a table top, the kitchen bench, a bedside table, my desk, it doesn’t matter, but pick an area where there is clutter.
  2. Remove everything from it, wipe it down if it needs it, and put back only what needs to be there.
  3. The rest of the items, divide into 3 piles :
    1) things to put away later,
    2) things to give away, and
    3) things to throw away.

I’d also written about Daily Routines and how they make a difference when I do them. I have Basic Morning & Evening Routines which keep me focussed and keep my house tidy and decluttered. But I have to do them for them to work!!

So this is my challenge for 2017:

To add the above challenge to my Morning & Evening Routines, and to do the             Daily Routines…Daily!

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