Clutter, Life Clutter

A Cluttered Mind = A Cluttered Life

Wow! I don’t think I need to say much more than that! A cluttered mind can stop us from being our best selves.

Just imagine if nothing was holding us back, what our life would look like? How often do we understate our abilities? Or completely negate what we’re good at? But we are made in the image of a very creative God with gifts and abilities to do all sorts of things. Ask ourselves some honest questions this week about what is cluttering up our mind, all the stuff we are believing about ourself that is not true.

Let’s dig deep and answer the following questions…

  • What am I good at?
  • What am I capable of doing?
  • What am I not doing that I need to do.. that I’m more than capable of doing?
  • Why am I holding back?
  • What lies am I believing and holding on to about myself?

These are BIG questions! But important ones for us to answer to be able to move forward.

If you are reading this blog, how will YOU answer them?

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