Life Clutter

What I call ‘Life Clutter’

‘Life clutter’ is anything that clutters up my life!

‘Life clutter’ is having too many things, having a cluttered space, being time poor, always too busy for what I enjoy, it is toxic people in my life, emotions, negative or unhelpful thoughts about myself or my circumstances, financial worries, family concerns, stress, lack of sleep because of worrisome thoughts or too much to deal with… and the list can go on and on.

‘Life clutter’ is not just the physical clutter that I see around me, all those things I keep moving from one place to another to try to get organised. No, ‘life clutter’ is also the clutter that I don’t see, or don’t immediately see, or don’t recognise as clutter.

When I think of an iceberg most of the iceberg, around 90% of it, is under the water. It is unseen, but there all the same. That is how I see ‘life clutter’. The 10% above the water, is what I see. It could be the clutter of too many things in my home, or a very busy schedule. But there’s a lot more under the surface that I can’t immediately identify, but that affects how I react to life. They are those thoughts I spoke of above, the negative thoughts I have about my situation or even about myself, those things I keep rehearsing in my mind, “I can’t do this”, “Everything I try ends up a mess”, “I haven’t deserved any of this”.

My words are creative!  I create my world by the words I speak. But also by the words I think. James Allen, in his book “As a Man Thinketh”, says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. In other words the way I think is how I become.

I am made of three parts, spirit, soul and body. My spirit is the part connected with God, my soul is my mind, will and emotions, and there is the physical part of me. All are susceptible to, or affected by, ‘life clutter’. My mind is where I think, my will is where I make decisions, and my emotions is where I feel. And that is why I believe it’s important to start the work of decluttering my life from the inside out, not just the clutter in my physical environment.

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