Too much clutter!

What is too much clutter? As far as I am concerned any clutter is too much! I like Neat. Clean. Space. Bench tops with only the very bare essentials, and maybe one or two pretty colourful pieces to brighten it up. Table tops, bare and shiny, with only a lovely centerpiece. Floors that allow for easy movement without bumping into things or stepping on things that hurt!

It is my aim this new year to continue to declutter my home, but not only my home, I want to declutter my mind and my soul as well. How am I going to do that? Well, the same way I declutter my cupboards and drawers :

  1. Take all the items out, i.e. write a mind dump list, write everything down that is in my heart and head
  2. Ask myself, “Do I need this? Is it useful, do I love it, is it beautiful?”
  3. If it is, I’ll keep it. If it isn’t, I’ll put it away. If it’s something that takes my time, I’ll stop doing it, like Facebook or games I play on my phone for example.

Action: Do a mind sweep! And clear the clutter in my head!

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